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For the first time in the suburban real estate market the object includes everything necessary for life at the highest level, combining premium factory quality and ease of operation.

For you we have created a unique innovative product — a high-tech house with an area of 395 square meters, which meets all the advanced trends, is ready to move in after 9 months.

The technology used in the construction of light steel thin-walled structures allows us to significantly optimize costs and reduce more over and costs and production time our after-sales service will completely relieve you of household worries.

ALPHADOM is a unique development of the DRHouse project team.

All functional solutions for a high-tech home are based on our 20 years of real estate experience.

Having worked with private interiors for many years we have studied the lifestyle of hundreds of people and developed a thoughtful modern solution for country living.

Everything and more thought out

Choose the configuration of your ALPHADOM and we will make you sure that the whole process of purchase, construction and use of the house of your dreams is easy and comfortable.


Out-of-the-box solution

We thought through everything you need for living in the country and took all of the aspects into account.

The price and construction time will remain unchanged

The initial price and the terms of project’s implementation are guaranteed to remain unchanged due to the construction technology we use.

5-year guarantee

During this period, we will fix or replace any constructions in the building in the event of a warranty claim for free.


The opportunity to select the color scheme of the interior, the configuration, plumbing systems, household equipment, exterior types and additional options.

Environmental safety and energy efficiency

The frame of the house retains heat very well and the construction waste amount is minimized due to the technology used.


Basic и Premium

●  Earthworks and engineering network input device

●  Monolithic reinforced concrete slab

●  Power frame of the house and roof of LSTW

●  Basalt insulation (environmentally friendly and non-combustible)

●  Facade systems made of metals (only non-combustible materials, NG), fire hazard class K0 (non-flammable)

●  Glazing aluminum profile Alutech

●  Burglary-resistant front door with smart lock

●  Heating system (water heated floor) Rehau

●  Duct ventilation and air conditioning system (General Electric)

●  Complete water supply and sewerage system (Rehau)

●  Electricity and low-voltage networks (preparation for the “Smart Home” system)

●  Interior finishing “turnkey” of the Basic series

●  Plumbing series Basic

●  Wiring equipment of the Basic series

●  Basic series interior doors

●  Basic series furniture

●  Roller blinds for windows of the Basic series

●  Basic Lighting System

●  Earthworks and engineering network input device

●  Monolithic reinforced concrete slab

●  Power frame of the house and roof of LSTW

●  Basalt insulation (environmentally friendly and non-combustible)

●  Facade systems made of metals (only non-combustible materials, NG), fire hazard class K0 (non-flammable)

●  Glazing aluminum profile Schuco

●  Light terraced windows with LED lightning during night time

●  Burglary-resistant front door with smart lock

●  Heating system (water heated floor) Rehau

●  Duct ventilation and air conditioning system (Daikin)

●  Complete water supply and sewerage system (Rehau)

●  Electricity and low-voltage networks (the “Smart Home” system)

●  Interior finishing “turnkey” of the Premium series

●  Plumbing series Premium

●  Wiring equipment of the Premium series

●  Premium series interior doors

●  Premium series furniture

●  Roller blinds for windows of the Premium series with servo drive

●  Premium Lighting System

79 млн. руб.

Что входит в комплектацию Basic:

  • Земляные работы и устройство ввода инженерных сетей
  • Плита монолитная железобетонная
  • Силовой каркас дома и кровли ЛСТК
  • Базальтовый утеплитель (экологичный и негорючий)
  • Фасадные системы из металлов (только негорючие материалы, НГ), класс пожарной опасности К0 (непожароопасная)
  • Остекление алюминиевый профиль Alutech
  • Взломостойкая входная дверь со смарт замком
  • Система отопления (водяной теплый пол)
  • Канальная система вентиляции и кондиционирования (General Electric)
  • Система водоснабжения и канализации в сборе
  • Электрика и слаботочные сети (предподготовка под систему “Умный дом”)
  • Внутренняя отделка “под ключ” серии Basic
  • Сантехника серии Basic
  • Электроустановочное оборудование серии Basic
  • Межкомнатные двери серии Basic
  • Мебель серии Basic
Ролл-шторы на окна серии Basic
  • Система освещения серии Basic


99 млн. руб.

В комплектацию Premium входят все категории Basic, а также:

  • Отделка фасада натуральным деревом
  • Качество отделочных материалов
  • Использование натурального камня при внутренней отделке
  • Sunroof-терасса
  • Подсветка фасадов
  • Premium класс сантехники
  • Premium класс бытовой техники
  • Premium вент-система
  • Умягчение и очистка воды во всем доме




Старт предпродаж

Старт предпродаж — 12.2022. Список первых покупателей начинает формироваться сегодня.

Коммерческие продажи

Старт продаж — 04.2023. Сейчас лучшее время для приобретения Alpha Dom — c января 2023 года начнется постепенное повышение на 5 млн рублей в месяц.

В апреле будет установлена полная коммерческая стоимость Alpha Dom:
Комплектация Basic —от 99 млн рублей;
Комплектация Premium — от 119 млн рублей.

Специальные условия для первых заказчиков

Клиенты, оформившие предзаказ до конца 2022 года, получают возможность зафиксировать актуальную стоимость Alpha Dom:

Комплектация Basic — от 79 млн рублей;
Комплектация Premium — от 99 млн рублей.

Бонус для покупателей по предзаказу от DRHouse EcoSystem — сервисное обслуживание AlphaDom на год.

Демонстрационный шоу-рум Alpha Dom

Строительство демонстрационного шоу-рума запускается в декабре 2023 года. Следить за процессом в режиме реального времени можно в социальных сетях и на сайте.

Попасть в шорт-лист и зафиксировать текущую стоимость можно до конца декабря. Оставить заявку для консультации можно на сайте или по номеру телефона +7 (495) 188 13 69

A tour around the house

Visit our office or book a visit from our specialists and we will organize
a VR-tour around the ALPHADOM today

Technology of LSTW

The technology of light steel thin-walled structures makes impossible things possible and allows in the short period of time to build residential infrastructure.

The profiles are made in factory conditions, so they have the dimension accuracy of a cross section (0,1mm) and along the profile length (1mm). The deviation of mounted structures LSTW from the norm is 1-2mm, so there is no need to align wall, floors and ceilings.

A frame is sheathed with two layers of GCR inside and surfaces are ready for fine finishing works.

The time from the purchase of a house to moving in is only 9 months

Workability of light thin-walled structures

Optimal cost of a ready-made house

Longevity (100+ years)

Service maintenance

Personal service for all real estate transactions: assistance in choosing and registering a land plot, renting out an object, further selling it in trade-in and selecting other objects


A construction period with engineering systems and furnishing is 9 months although we try to decrease this period to 6 months. 

All necessary items for house operation, such as building and external decoration, arrangement of engineering systems, author’s interior design, interior finishing , full furnishing and installing the plumbing, household appliances are included. As well, the 5-year guarantee for all elements and structures is given.

For house heating we use water heated floors and also ventilation system with fresh air flow and its heating in cold seasons.

  1. Marking the building land, installation of the communications input, excavation, installation of the ISP of panel wall foundation from reinforced concrete with insulation

  2. Building installation from LSTW

  3. Window units installation

  4. Wind protection facade system installation

  5. Heating and engineering systems installation

  6. GCR installation and finishing works making

  7. Ceilings installation

  8. Installation of doors, furniture, lighting and other facilities

  9. Launch and setting of engineering systems and final commissioning

Depending on the configuration Basic/Premium we use following brands: plumbing Grohe/Axor; household appliances Samsung/Miele; electrical equipment Schneider/ABB.

Definitely, we are planning to launch two more ALPHADOM models at the beginning of 2023: ALPHADOM_L with seven residential blocks, its total area is 570 m2 and ALPHADOM_S with two residential blocks, its total area is 290 m2.

Please, ask our specialists for the consultation in terms of the house location (an optimal size is 12 acres of land).

Our 5-year guarantee applies to engineering systems, finishing materials and house construction, finishing works and furniture. The guarantee for plumbing, household appliances and other manufactured goods is provided by the manufacturer.

We offer to choose from 3 ready-made options(neutral, contrast, light/dark) to guarantee the fixed cost and high quality. You have an opportunity to choose component and individual colours of building facades and interior elements. As well if you are interested in the individual approach in decorating, DRHouse Interior Design will help you.

A customer chooses the optimal composition and location of the habitable rooms. For example, there is a bedroom and a study in the right part and there is a living room and a children’s room. Otherwise, it depends on your choice. There is the same structure, square and characteristics for every living part. A customer chooses the purposes of rooms.

A preorder of ALPHADOM and a prototype building is starting in December, 2022. As well we are going to have a reality about the process of building. The completion of building is planning to be in the third quarter of 2023. Before this moment you are able to get VR tour.

The insulated solid plate is a high tech and energy efficient solution for buildings in LSTW technology which is used during the process of building ALPHADOM.

ALPHADOM can be build everywhere, its building doesn’t depend on the weather and the season.

The overall dimensions are 25x28m. The area of ALPHADOM is 395 m2.

Complete control over your ALPHADOM

We have developed an application for iOS and Android, which will allow you to monitor all the processes in the house wherever you are. Here you can monitor the status of all ALPHADOM systems in real time, call a master or order a cleaning service online as well add use the support service.

An app will be available with the first commercial ALPHADOM.

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